VA - second envizion (2 x cdr)

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DISC I 1.IP Neva - artificial crysis
DISC I 2.Melorman - blue dot
DISC I 3.Aeronao - neverexp
DISC I 4.Zainetica - party's over
DISC I 5.Datascraper - palpations 10dot23
DISC I 6.Hello.jpg
DISC I 7.Electricwest - ronin
DISC I 8.Cheju - tundra
DISC I 9.The last gambit - we dance on the ruins of the stupid stage
DISC I 10.a.farOne - apart
DISC I 11.Pleq - a point of the unconscious
DISC I 12.Bitfoc - objects
DISC I 13..Lampenkonner - schon spät
DISC II 1.Auskeur - film
DISC II 2.Culprate - slipper
DISC II 3.IJO - the avials
DISC II 4.Sintetic-collage - siguiendo el camino
DISC II 5.Salzmanufaktur feat. psychotronic - der kriecher (ENV(itre) remix)
DISC II 6.Polesr - UPS320
DISC II 7.Z-arc - the honeycomb
DISC II 8.META - let the people go
DISC II 9.Elci vargas - every day is hard
DISC II 10.Victer manderline - catwheezer
DISC II 11.Sword xl vs btb - across the ocean
DISC II 12.MINT - daub
DISC II 13.ENV(itre) - rovvelo
DISC II 14.Mahpiya - hvitur svartur